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Marie Robards was a high school honor student considered a real beauty by classmates. She was old enough to drive an automobile, and almost old enough to vote when she served a sufficient amount of barium to her father with his dinner that he died within a few hours.

She should have been content enjoying her high school years and popularity; not plotting to murder one of her parents.

Robards was devastated when her parents separated, then divorced; subsequently her mother remarried and Marie did not get along with her step-father. That was the motivation Marie gave prosecutors for killing her father, Steven Robards.

Soon after eating his evening meal Steven became ill and started throwing up. Marie went to a neighbor, Sandra Hudgins and asked for her help.  Marie stayed behind and visited with her son while the neighbor went to check on Steven.

Marie Robards later admitted she…

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  1. Thank you for the repost of this story. You are another of the great supporters of my son….god Bless.

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