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Psychopsema psy-cho-pse-ma is a system of questionable actions that a Social Service agency or a Child Protection Service agency might utilize to achieve profit, through fraudulent means.

Psychopsema is mainly categorized as an orchestrated assault, utilizing several methods of fraud, psychological operations, psychological intimidation and other similar premeditated offense based systems, against a parent, a child or a family.

A malicious social worker or other malicious social service professionals (usually, employed by a Child Protection Service (CPS) agency or a similar social service agency) are commonly identified as utilizing this system or methodology to achieve profit.

Psychopsema is usually implemented to deflect attention, away from crimes committed by said workers against children. As, those children are sometimes canvased for the purpose of profit.

The term and description were created by Canadian and American social service crime researchers Nicolas Stathopoulos and Felicita Luna in early 2011. Both researchers are part of SSEC Social Service Economic Crimes (research)

1 – A false report of child abuse is authored by a group of social workersagainst a single parent or parents. The colluding workers then, utilize the methodology of psychopsema to profit from the crime.

2 – A malicious social service worker colludes with her peers to fabricate evidence and to practice psychopsema.

3 – The system of psychopsema subjects a victim into the social service system without merit or justification.

4 – Psychopsema is mainly categorized as an orchestrated assault against a parent, a child or a family by a social service worker, seeking to profit from a crime.


5 responses to “PSYCHOPSEMA

  1. Having trouble speaking out against this heinous crime called psychopsema? I believe when a person doesn’t expect or know about the brutal crime of psychopsema they may be left in a state of psychological shock throughout their ordeal with social workers and their collusive contractors. Social Service Workers only seek to reap the profits from the selling out of families into a system that only injures it’s falsely protected clients. Their strategic attacks will smother a person in fear. The fear will force a person to comply with S.S’s corrupt demands. The falsely protected client will feel too numb to move towards any meaningful actions against the oppressors due to the shock of the attacks.

  2. arkansastruthseeker ⋅

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  3. Jessica ⋅

    My family as well as myself are victims of psyhopsema

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